London’s 1st Birthday

I'm one of those crazy mothers that is always kissing, always running to her baby when she makes a peep, basically obsessed with everything and anything to do with my daughter. Just to give you guys some sort of insight, my nickname is “The Baby Hog" because I refuse to let anyone else hold her. Sometimes when she falls asleep in my arms, I will just stare at her and do weird things, like smell her breath, or wonder how something so perfect was created by me. So as you can imagine, when I found out her first birthday would fall on the same date of MacPherson Toy House's grand opening I felt very conflicted. I managed to book a cake-smash photo shoot last minute, and figured I can plan a little intimate party for her towards the end of the month (that in itself is a mission, trying to get everyone in town for the same date, or all my girlfriends baby's nap times correlated). As you can see the photos turned AMAZING! I am extremely happy with them. I highly recommend using  Ashlyn arranged the cake, catered to my colour palette, and was very accommodating.