Eco practices

At mth, we want our environmental impact to be as minimal as possible. That is why we carefully consider the source of everything, from the packaging we use for gifts, to the cleaning products we use in our shop. For full transparency, here is a list of some of the products we use and love:




Grauman Packaging is a family run business located in Toronto, and their custom printed shopping bags are FSC certified and made using recycled materials.


Our balloons are made with latex, which is a natural product. Latex balloons are biodegradable and photodegradable. When you see a clear balloon start to "fog" when in the sun, you are seeing it beginning to oxidize and photodegrade. The rate of degradation is highly variable as it's influenced by many variables such as temperature, the amount of light, the presence of latex consuming microbes, etc.

However, we recently discovered new research indicating that balloons that are advertised as biodegradable have not passed independent studies, most likely due to plasticizers and colours that are added in the manufacturing process. We are currently researching alternatives.



We use a variety of products for cleaning, including Ontario sourced Guests on Earth hand soap and all-purpose cleaner from our neighbour Coco Market , a reusable mop for floors that mechanically removes bacteria (so no harsh chemicals!), 100% recycled paper towels, and Honest Company wet wipes for cleaning up sticky hands that may result from one of our complimentary popsicles!


Whenever possible, we re-use boxes from our incoming shipments for our online orders that get shipped out. We package items using re-used materials as well, including artwork created at the art table in our shop!


noissue stickers are made from acid-free, FSC-certified paper, and are compostable and recyclable. Their Compostable Paper Stickers are printed using soy-based inks, allowing them to be compostable at home.

toilet paper

Conventional toilet paper is made using virgin tree pulp sourced from our precious boreal forest, and processed with 27 gallons of water per roll, as well as over a gallon of bleach, chlorine, formaldehyde and other toxic chemicals per roll! When we found out that 27,000 trees per day flushed down the world’s toilets, we switched to PlantPaper. Plant Paper is tree-free and toxin-free, made from fast growing FSC-certified bamboo. It is not bleached or dyed, and is septic safe.

wrapping paper

Our wrapping paper is from one of our most beloved toy brands, Maileg, and is made using recycled content.