Celebrate Spooky Season This Year With Sustainability

With Halloween fast approaching, and all this free time on our hands, let's try to use it to our advantage and create our own costumes. Some of the best costumes are made by hand, and why would we want to buy wasteful and cheaply made retail costumes when we can make them ourselves? Use some of these eco-friendly ideas to save much-needed money and create meaningful memories by crafting your own Halloween magic this year. 


Reuse and upcycle old costumes

We all love Halloween, but it creates a lot of waste, so how do we still enjoy our celebration while minimizing impact? Old costumes have no reason to sit in the dark of the closet, just gathering dust. Breathe new life into them this year by practicing innovation in the spookiest way possible. Nurse costumes can easily be repurposed into a zombie nurse by simply tearing it up and adding some dirt and homemade fake blood. The only limit when searching for ideas is your imagination. 


Creating a spooktacular Costume from scratch

If you require a project to keep your mind busy, or maybe help some bored children, crafting a specially made costume can build memories that last a lifetime. You can use cardboard, recycled fabric, and anything you can find lying around your home to make the perfect eco-friendly design. Nontoxic makeup can also go a long way to transform the look and add another dimension of creativity. 


Improving the year with support and sustainability 

This year has been tough on many, and now more than ever, people and small businesses need your support. When shopping for your Halloween needs this year, be sure to support local businesses and donate any leftover Halloween decor, so they can continue to be reused. Halloween only comes once a year, and we all deserve to have the best one yet, no matter the circumstances.