3 Fun Indoor Activities to Do as a Family This Winter

During the winter, especially while so many of us are still stuck inside due to COVID-19, it can be a challenge coming up with things to do indoors to keep your kids entertained. At Macpherson Toy House, we want to help by providing you with some ideas of fun activities to do as a family.


Cook Together

A great bonding experience is cooking with your kids. This is especially true when cooking something with history you can share like a family recipe. If you have younger kids you can get them their own cooking set and have them pretend to make meals for you or you could pretend you own a restaurant together and serve up meals to the rest of the family.


Virtual Events

Virtual events are a wonderful way to experience the world while still staying warm and cozy at home. Many museums and even zoos offer virtual tours and activities. Also, Airbnb offers a ton of family-friendly activities you and your children can enjoy from home. You could even set up a private virtual event and include your friends and extended family you are not able to see as often for a fun way to stay connected.


Arts and Crafts

Kids love doing arts and crafts and when you are spending more time indoors, it is a great activity to do as a family. A set like this would be a fun one to do together or just grab some paper and crayons and draw together. For more inspiration on crafts you can make as a family, try searching online for craft ideas for the age ranges of your children. The options are endless and so fun!


We also have printables available for mazes, scavenger hunts, and more! Visit our Instagram for the links.


Regardless of the activity you choose, spending quality time together as a family is what is important. We at Macpherson Toy House are here to help by providing quality toys your kids will love and cute clothes that you will feel good about buying.