Ouistitine is a small company from Montreal, Canada that handcrafts stuffed animals, dolls, toys, and other accessories from reused natural fibers (wool, leather, fur, linen, cotton). Each item is ethically made locally and is eco-friendly, natural, and sustainable.

Ouistitine mostly uses wool in addition to all-natural fibres such as linen, cotton, leather, and fur. In respect of their eco-design philosophy, their raw material comes from the reuse of natural fibres and/or scraps from the fashion industry which diverts fabric waste from a landfill. The stuffing is pure carded wool from Brunswick.

It is Ouistitine's core mission to create something that is not only safe for a child but also for the environment. This is why they decided to reuse and repurpose only natural fibres and use pure wool as stuffing. After generations of cuddles, you can put their toys in your compost.

Thanks to their simple and uncluttered lines and their timeless quality, the brand's designs appeal to all ages.