No Nasties

No Nasties Kids is a multi-award winning Australian brand creating all natural kids play makeup, face paint, hair chalk, and water based nail polish. They deliver beautiful, brown paper packages of fun with love from our family to yours.

Founder and CEO of No Nasties Kids, Natalia has 43 confirmed medium to high-grade allergies and made the shift to all things natural when her health was suffering. She began to investigate what she was using on her skin and researched what was in cosmetics, perfumes and toiletries. What she found was alarming, especially as the skin is our largest organ and what we apply topically is absorbed into our bloodstream. Making the switch to all natural cosmetics, perfumes and toiletries was a no brainer!

Proud mum to two daughters, Natalia was was shocked to discover the ingredients list of a few packs of play makeup her daughter was gifted on her 5th birthday. From there, No Nasties was created - handmade, all natural play make up safe for kids and approved by parents. Everything about No Nasties has been considered, recycled cardboard is used for our packaging and all packs have a unique identity and story, just like each child.

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