Post Holiday Cleanup Ideas

Post Holiday Cleanup Ideas

It is yet another holiday season, and everyone is looking forward to brightening their season with children's clothing & toys, home, and women's clothing. But as the clock ticks and you are busy planning these extras in your home, one thing that if not adequately thought and managed is how to deal with them when the holiday is done, and everything is now routine.


As everyone makes their 2022 resolutions and one is adopting a healthy and eco-friendly greener lifestyle, some of the practices should be to re-use, recycle, repurpose, compost wrapping materials and decorations of the used holiday items. With this strategy, you are assured of reducing waste, which aligns with the Canadian eco-friendly lifestyle that everyone is aiming for. The following are some of the ways to re-use, repurpose, and recycle holiday items.


Trade for a Gift Card or Recycle

Various shops in Canada, such as Macpherson Toy House shop, ensure that they include a trade-in policy in their operations; you can be eligible for a gift card depending on the trade-in. Do not waste those items because you can get another brand new item of your choice and eventually reduce the baggage in your house. Check with the Macpherson Toy House shop and select your trade-in items for another product without incurring an extra cost. In some instances, your items may not be eligible for trade-in, but they may be acceptable for recycling. Do not throw that toy in the garbage; it is time to recycle.


Normalize Re-using

Most of the holidays are more or less the same: same toys, same gift cards, same electronics and more. Keeping in mind that the same holiday will be expected in the following months, it is always prudent to choose what to store for re-use. Children will always want new toys and new holiday costumes, but keeping them away from them and then re-using them during the following holiday will not bring out the recycling idea but also save you money.


Upcycling Christmas Cards

No Christmas can be colorful without cards, and you should always focus on maintaining that glitter from year to year. For those who are not convenient with re-using the cards, you can remove the ribbons and plastic covers and set them in the recycling bins. You can go ahead and recycle the envelopes, especially if they are not foil-lined.

Re-using Bags and Bows

It may be too late to implement this strategy this year, but it is very eco-friendly to introduce a lifestyle of keeping any giftbag or a bow in good condition in the coming years. This is because we will always have anniversaries or gift-giving occasions in the coming year which will make good use of these items. Within your friends' circles, create a tradition that encourages using the same gift bag all year long.


The gift recipient will then keep the bag and recycle it for the next recipient of the gifts. With the objective being to see how the bag can keep going, it will create that family and friends' bond and enable you to achieve living an eco-friendly lifestyle.