Lifestyle Changes To Become More Green

Whether you have just decided to go green or have been environmentally friendly for years, easy changes to your way of living can always be introduced. One of those lifestyle changes could include the way you do your laundry. We here at Macpherson Toy House know the way you take care of clothing is an efficient way to make them last longer while simultaneously taking care of the planet. Here are some simple tips and tricks to be eco-friendly when doing your laundry: 


1. Use Cold Water 

Cut down on energy costs when running your washing machine by using cold water in your next load. According to, up to 90% of the energy used for washing clothes goes into heating water. Not only that, but by using cold water as often as possible, you can help to decrease carbon emissions at the same time. 


2. Use Eco-Friendly Products 

Avoiding harmful chemicals whenever applicable is a solid step in the right direction when it comes to doing laundry. Try using an eco-friendly detergent, like those that are plant-based, when you next need clean clothes. There are also eco-friendly options for other laundry items such as dryer sheets and stain removers, too. 


3. Hang Clothes Outside

If you're able to, and especially during the summer months,  reduce energy consumption by hanging clothes on the line outside. You can craft your own adjustable line to fit your living space as well. Not only will your clothing items dry faster, but the material will last longer! During the winter, try hanging clothes inside if allowed, just make sure moisture is wicked and the air isn't too damp. 


4. Wash Less Often 

One easy way to reduce energy consumption used in laundry is to cut back on how often it's done. Yep, it's as easy as that. Unless a garment is absolutely needed the next day, try spacing out how often items are washed by a few days or a whole week if possible. 


5. Use Dryer Balls 

Sticking drying balls into the machine with clothing items will help to reduce time/energy needed to get clothes ready to wear. These balls are cheap, efficient and can come in fun shapes and sizes for the next mountain of laundry that needs to be completed.